EPG TV data

TV schedule in XMLTV and Excel formats. XML format is designed for XMLTV standard, which is required by all IPTV / Cable and DVB-T providers.

epg data

TV Component

Advanced Joomla component for TV schedule which inputs, display, distribute and archive TV schedule. Optimized for small and middle TV stations.

tv component

EPG system

Advanced EPG solution and EPG enabler with purpose to provide, manage and broadcast full service EPG data optimized and designed for all IPTV/Cable/ DVB-T and Web TV platforms.

 epg adminstracija

Movie Tracker

Insights for broadcasters about the daily Movies and TV shows to track royalties and take control over exclusive TV content.

movie tracker

IPTV Interface

Custom made IPTV interfaces and applications developed and integrated in existing IPTV environment.

title image

EPG system

EPG software and complete solution providing, managing and broadcasting full service EPG data.

EPG metadata

EPG data designed for XMLTV standard acceptable by all IPTV / Cable and DVB-T providers.

Digital Content control tool

Web application providing insights & reports about Movies and TV shows airing on IPTV, Cable/Air platforms.


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